I am a former student of the QQI Higher level certificate from Youthreach in Ballinrobe.

During my time there I completed the QQI and also completed a welding course which gave me an introduction and insight to practical metalworks and welding techniques. These skills have greatly aided me asci come from a agricultural background.

From the year I spent in Youthreach I found the QQI to be very beneficial and greatly improve my personal development. The course provided me with a variety of skills including IT skills, metalwork and welding fabrication and social skills.

The professional tuition I received from the staff enabled me to gain a greater insight into the world of employment and inspire me to pursue a career in social care.
Outside of the course modules he time I spent in Youthreach was fantastic and very enjoyable. Because of the kind and welcoming staff, students and wonderful facilities Youthreach never felt like a day to day isolated environment. It was a fun and exciting learning experience.

Overall my Youthreach experience was a time I will cherish and has helped me immensely.

Student No. 8