Since leaving youthreach i have been to college, i studied motor tech for about 5 month’s or so in Westport, however with not having enough funding to keep up the travel and other expense, i decided to drop out and find full time work for what i hoped would be a year. However i ended up with a full time job as a shop assistant. I went on to being the key holder and taking up the roll as an assistant manager. I then left that job in 2019, i went straight back to education then in the local family research centre. I am currently in level 4 of Information and Communications Technology Skills and also doing my ECDL.

I have to give great credit to everyone at Youthreach Ballinrobe for my progress in life so far. Before joining Youthreach i was a really shy person who struggled in school due to being afraid of asking for help. However with youthreach and all the teacher’s there they made me feel comfortable and very happy to ask questions and learn in a much better way.

Student No. 9